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Location Management System

A full-featured location management system for your WordPress site. This plugin will add location search and mapping to your site. Place a simple shortcode on any page to display the search form, map, and location listings. Premium add-ons extend the feature set in an ala-carte fashion. Select only those add-on packs you need to build on the free base plugin.

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You can find screen shots of the locator “in the wild”, here.

Premium Packages

Packages make it easy to purchase the most popular add-on packs with a single click. The Kitchen Sink includes all of the current add-on packs. The Experience includes all of the add-on packs that are used to manage all 4 aspects of the locator layout options (general, map, search, results). The Premier Subscription is a monthly recurring fee that includes all of the CSA WordPress plugins and includes a priority support forum plus a live chat channel.

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