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Store Locator Plus Upgrades

Store Locator Plus has undergone a major upgrade from base version 3 (SLP3) to base version 4 (SLP4). If you are using premium add-on packs for SLP3 they are NOT COMPATIBLE with SLP4.   You must deactivate all SLP3 add-on packs before upgrading to SLP4.

If you purchased a SLP3 premium add-on within the past year you may qualify for a discount.   Learn more at this blog post about discount coupons.


My View On Licenses

I don’t think a lot of time & energy should be spent chasing down how and where you use a license.   A common question “can I use the Pro Pack license on my test site then transfer to the live site”.  Short answer: yes.

Check out my blog post to learn about my views on the plugin licenses.

Need Support?

There are two options for support.  Free or paid.

Please learn about both options on the Support Options page before sending an email asking for help.

All questions, other than those directly related to a recent purchase, should be posted at the support forums.   Read the Support Options page for details.


Please note that I will not respond to general product inquiries posted at this form unless you have purchased support from me.  I get over 200 emails every day and can’t answer them AND write code.  If you have a problem with a paid order you CAN email me and I will respond when I can, usually the same day.

If I’ve asked you to contact me or you need to share private information you cannot share in the forum, please use the form below.

Email sent to me that is a support question will be directed to the forums without a response unless you have purchased a paid support response.    Premium add-on purchases DO NOT come with free email support.  If you need product support with your purchase you should consider the Premier Subscription package.