Store Pages

Store Pages provides an easy way to create SEO-friendly store pages that are created directly from your Store Locator Plus locations data.

Store Pages Tab 4.1.01

Store Pages Settings

Page Settings


Default Page Status

Available In: Store Pages 4.0

This setting determines the initial page status for newly created Store Pages. The default is draft, allowing you to modify the default page content before making it visible to your site visitors. You can have Store Locator Plus create pages with the status set to any of the built-in WordPress modes including draft, published, pending review, or private.

Pages Replace Websites

Use the Store Pages local URL in place of the website URL on the map results list. When on, the results under the map will replace the “website” link with a link to the store page for the location.

Permalink Starts With

Set the middle part of the store page URLs, defaults to “store_page”. This impacts how the permalink, and thus public URL, is created. The value you enter here should be alphanumeric and underscore or hyphen only (a to z, 0 to 9, _, or-). You can set custom URLs for your Store Pages.   As such you will need to go into the general WordPress permalinks setting and make a change to “re-activate” the permalinks table.  Go to the Store Pages tab in Store Locator Plus.    Change the permalink setting from “store-page” to something else and save changes.   You can change it back afterwards, but the first change needs to happen and be a DIFFERENT string to trigger the permalink table flush.  If that does not work you can try to flush the permalinks table by changing the built-in WordPress Permalink setting.  Select “custom structure”.  It will already be filled out with the string needed to keep pages as they are.  Click save and it should flush the permalinks table but retain your URL structure.    If permalinks is already set to custom, because you have a truly custom format for the URL, you will need to use the “change store pages permalink” method. View the permalinks section of the troubleshooting page if you have problems.

If you change this setting you will need to regenerate your Store Pages.

Prepend URL With Blog Path

Available In: Store Pages 4.1.01

When this setting is ON the links to the store pages are prepended with the “front base” permalink setting. On the permalinks page this is the portion that precedes the page or post name, such as “/the_front/” in the Custom Structure example below.

Store Pages Front Base for Prepend Settings

Store Pages Front Base for Prepend Settings

When this settings is OFF, only the page name and the “permalink starts with” text entered on the Store Pages setting page are used as part of the URL.

In this screen shot you can see the two different URLs that were generated when toggling the Prepend setting ON and OFF.   One of these pages will need to be re-generated to prevent broken links to the SEO pages.

Generated Store Pages URLs with Prepend On and Off

Generated Store Pages URLs with Prepend On and Off

If you change this setting you will need to regenerate your Store Pages.

Prevent New Window

Prevent web Store Pages links from opening in a new window. The default for the map results website link is to open a new window with the location site within. With Store Pages being hosted on your own website you may not want new windows opening for the user. Check this to have page links open in the same browser window.

Initial Page Features

Default Comments

Available In: Store Pages 3.9

When pages are created should they have comments enabled or disabled by default?

Default Trackbacks

Available In: Store Pages 3.9

When pages are created should they have pingbacks/trackbacks enabled or disabled by default?

Page Template

Available In: Store Pages 3.9

The Page Template settings allows you to change the default page layout for a store page.   The template should be written using basic HTML as allowed by the WordPress page editor in “text” (versus visual) mode.  The Page Template field has a special storepage shortcodes available.