Pro Pack


The Pro Pack premium add for Store Locator Plus brings a cornucopia of extra features to the Store Locator Plus product.   It gives you more control over the map interface, introduces basic location tags, adds bulk upload, provides basic search and results features and more.

More Settings

Some of the new settings you can control include:

Search Form


Radius Selection Show/Hide
Hides the radius pull down or text entry box.

Search By Name Option
Display an entry box where the user can search locations by name.

Address Entry Show/Hide
Do not display the address entry box.

Location Auto-detection
Activate the browser location tool to center the map on the user’s current location.  Uses GPS if available.

City Pulldown
Show a pulldown that lists all of the cities you have in your locations data.

State Pulldown
Show a pulldown that lists all of the states you have in your location data.

Find Locations Button Show/Hide
Hides the find locations button.

Pro Pack Search Form Features Settings

Pro Pack Search Form Features Settings


Tags provide a simple way to classify your locations.    More details are listed in the “Tags pages” listed here in the documentation.  You will also want to look at the extended attributes available under the “shortcode” page.

Tag Input
Shows a tag input box on the search form.

Preselected Tag Searches
A list of tags to restrict user input to.  Changes tag input to a pulldown.

Add “any” To Tags Pulldown
When preselected tag searches is used, append “any” to the pulldown selections.

Pro Pack Search Form Tag Settings

Pro Pack Search Form Tag Settings


Set the input label text for the tags pulldown or entry box.

Set the selection label for the state pulldown.

Find Button
When using the “Find Location Text Button” option, allows you to change the button text.

Pro Pack Search Form Label Settings

Pro Pack Search Form Label Settings


Initial Look & Feel

Starting Image
If set, this image will be displayed until a search is performed.

Disable Initial Directory
Do not display the listings under the map when “immediately show locations” is checked.

Pro Pack Map Initial Look Settings

Pro Pack Map Initial Look Settings



Use Email Form
Use email form instead of mailto: link when showing email addresses.

Show Tags In Output
Show the tags in the location output table and bubble.

Pro Pack Results Settings

Pro Pack Results Settings

Bulk Management

The bulk management features of the Pro Pack includes:

CSV Import
Import multiple locations with a CSV file.

SLP4 ProPack Bulk Import

SLP4 ProPack Bulk Import

CSV Export
Under Locations Manage panel there is a new Bulk Action to Export the location data to a CSV file

Pro Pack Export Locations

Exporting locations to a CSV file.

Read More release note

Geocode Locations
Re-geocode locations that failed to geocode the first time, just check them off and click “recode”.