Pro Pack

The Pro Pack is the enterprise location manager add-on for Store Locator Plus.   It provides the extra tools needed to manage sites with large lists of locations.    Some Store Locator Plus installations are running over 50,000 sites with the aid of the Pro Pack tools.

Pro Pack

These are settings that have a system-wide impact. The Pro Pack tab is added to the Store Locator Plus admin interface when the Pro Pack is activated.  Here are the sections on that tab.

Look and Feel

CSS Manipulation

Enter CSS rules here and override the SLP Theme CSS rules or site-wide WordPress CSS rules.

Custom CSS: Enter your custom CSS, preferably for SLPLUS styling only but it can be used for any page element as this will go in your page header.


Report Settings

Enable Reporting : check this to turn on search tracking and reporting for your locator searches.


Helpful Tools

Where Is… : allows you to enter an address and perform a quick lookup on Google to determine where the Google Maps API engine things that location is.



Other Tabs Affected By Pro Pack




CSV Export
Under Locations Manage panel there is a new Bulk Action to Export the location data to a CSV file

Pro Pack Export Locations

Exporting locations to a CSV file.

Read More release note

Geocode Locations
Re-geocode locations that failed to geocode the first time, just check them off and click “recode”.


CSV Import
Import multiple locations with a CSV file.

SLP4 ProPack Bulk Import

SLP4 ProPack Bulk Import

User Experience

Search Form

Pro Pack

Search Form Tag Input : how do you want tag input to appear? input box, drop down, radio button, hidden, or disabled (none).

Tags Label: the text to appear before the input selector

Default Tag Selections: used to build the drop down menu or radio button

Add “any” to Drop Down: enables an “any” selection to appear on a drop down or radio button array that works as a “select all / no filter” option.

“Any” tag text: what you want the “any” text to read.

Tag Autosubmit: useful with radio buttons, when one is selected it will run the search.


Results Features

Show Tags In Output : whether or not to show tags in results

Use Email Form: use an email form in JavaScript versus a direct email link


Page Layout

Locator Layout: Set the general page layout for the locator UI, determines the order of the search form, map, and results on the page.  Useful for custom layouts with advanced SLP themes.

General Settings

Pro Pack adds various settings to the General Settings tab.

User Interface


Use Location Sensor: enable this to turn on browser-activated location sensor input.



Highlight Uncoded Locations: this is a legacy setting that is being removed.


This tab is where you can view and generate locator search reports.  See what visitors are searching for and what results are being returned.

Report Parameters

This is where you can set things like the start and end date for your reports and download CSV exports of the reports.

Search Report

This is where the report results will go when you run a report.


Tags provide a simple way to classify your locations.    More details are listed in the “Tags pages” listed here in the documentation.  You will also want to look at the extended attributes available under the “shortcode” page.

Tag Input
Shows a tag input box on the search form.

Preselected Tag Searches
A list of tags to restrict user input to.  Changes tag input to a pulldown.

Add “any” To Tags Pulldown
When preselected tag searches is used, append “any” to the pulldown selections.